Automotive Apprenticeships

Automotive Programs & Requirements

Available TAFE Courses

  • Certificate I in Automotive
  • Certificate I in Automotive (Specialising in Light Vehicle)
  • Certificate II in Automotive Mechanical
  • Certificate II in Automotive Vehicle Body
  • Double Certificate I in Automotive and Engineering
  • Double Certificate in Engineering & Automotive Mechanical


  • Physically fit
  • Analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Ability to constantly learn

Personalities Suited to Automotive Apprenticeships

Individuals who do not mind getting their hands dirty are best suited for Automotive Apprenticeships. As well, sociability is an asset when interacting with customers. Automotive technicians must be willing to work long work weeks which will often be Monday to Saturday, 8 am until 5 pm.

Automotive Apprenticeships for School Leavers

Traditionally most automotive apprenticeships applicants must have completed at least Year 10 secondary education (or equivalent). However, it is becoming more prevalent that employers are looking for individuals who have completed Year 11 or 12 or a pre-apprentice course.

School leavers are also often required to have completed relevant studies in high school.

Automotive Apprenticeships for Adults

A support program for adult apprentices in certain automotive fields, such as automotive electricians, exists to financially assist individuals while they are completing their apprenticeship. The individual must be 25 years of age or older and be completing a level III or IV Certificate to receive this benefit.


Starting wage

An automotive apprentice’s wage is highly dependent on competency level, previous training and age.  The salary for all automotive apprenticeships is determined according to the relevant industry award. You can find the award for the apprenticeship you’re interested in by clicking here.

Below is just one example of wages paid to apprentices under the age of 21. However, please note this is just a guide and not a definitive wage.

  • 1st year- $254.35 per week
  • 2nd year- $333.05 per week
  • 3rd year- 454.15 per week
  • 4th year- $532.90 per week

Future Earning Potential

Once qualified and following the completion of your automotive apprenticeship you can expect to make anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000 per year.

Business Opportunities

Many opportunities exist for automotive apprentices to start their own businesses. In doing so, they may increase their pay potential substantially. For example, an automotive technician running their business as a single operator can earn as much as $55,000 per year while a proprietor who employs several other mechanics can earn around $80,000 per year.



The employment outlook for this industry is very good and employment growth is expected to increase.  In fact, certain sectors of the industry can be found on Australia’s National Skills Needs List.

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