Job Seekers

Looking for a fresh, exciting, hands-on career? apprenticepower is here to help you find the right apprenticeship or traineeship in the right industry with the right Apprentice Host.

How It Works?

  • Fill out an application for a job you’re interested in.
  • We assess you to ensure you have what it takes – the commitment and aptitude to do the job.
  • Successful applicants are employed and registered as apprentices/trainees with apprenticepower.
  • Once you’ve successfully gained a position with us we pay all wages and entitlements including superannuation, annual leave and sick leave and provide access to workers’ compensation.

What Are Your Rights?

As an Australian apprentice, as stipulated under the apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001, you have the following rights:

  • Access to full range of work
  • Access to tools and equipment
  • Instruction and supervision in the workplace from a person with the relevant competencies
  • Payment for work in accordance with the industrial award
  • A healthy and safe working environment
  • A workplace free from any form of harassment

What Are Your Responsibilities?

As an Australian apprentice, your responsibilities include:

  • Make all reasonable efforts to acquire skills of the vocation
  • Accept instruction and training in the vocation given by the
  • Apprentice Host
    Obtain the appropriate qualification as per the training plan
  • Be mindful of obligations as an employee
  • Accept instruction and training in the vocation given by the
  • Apprentice Host
    Attend scheduled training in the qualification delivered by the Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Complete assignments and assessment tasks set by the RTO
  • Maintain the competency record book or work evidence guide
  • Complete the relevant qualifications provided in accordance with the training plan and delivered by the RTO

To find out more about your contractual obligations as an apprenticepower apprentice please click here.