About Us

Apprenticepower specialise in Apprenticeship Services. Job seekers and employers have been turning to Apprenticepower since 1982.

We’ve got everything covered from start to finish. Whatever your needs, Apprenticepower help you reap the benefits of Australian Apprenticeships.

What We Do For Business Owners

We start by recruiting the perfect candidate. According to the job specifications outlined by the Business Owner, we advertise the vacancy.

Applicants are screened via testing and interviews. The best candidates are referred back to the business owner for them to make the final decision.

With our Group Training service we will look after wages, payroll tax, superannuation, workers compensation, annual leave and sick leave for the entirety of the Australian Apprenticeship.

We provide a mentoring service to support the Australian Apprentice through to completion of the qualification.

All Australian Apprentices need to be registered through our Australian Apprenticeship Centre – Apprenticepower AusNAC. Our consultants meet with the employer and Australian Apprentice to discuss the available training options and walk them through the paperwork.

What We Do For Job Seekers

Apprenticepower help you give your career a boost. We connect you with some of the most exciting workplaces in Sydney and beyond.

To get started on the path to success, visit our Job Seekers section or apply online today!

Every Industry

From landscaping to plumbing. Electrical to carpentry. IT to commercial cookery. Whatever your industry, we bring the best apprentices together with top businesses.

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